Black Jack® Permanent Patch 102

Brush Grade Elastomeric Textured Patch

A brush consistency elastomeric patch that provides a textured finish. Use for interior/exterior repairs on stucco, wood, concrete, drywall, brick and other surfaces. Black Jack® Permanent Patch® 102 is a textured, ready-to-use, brush-on, acrylic latex based compound for exterior or interior patching and caulking. It adheres to most common building materials and most combinations of such materials. It can be brushed over hairline cracks to seal them. It is water resistant and offers outstanding flexibility, adhesion and durability for repairing, sealing and resurfacing.

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Product Code Unit Size
8812-3-20 1 gal 9.75 lbs 4 /crtn
8812-3-16 1 qt 1.8 lbs 6 /case

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Black Jack® Permanent Patch 102
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