Dynamite® 221 Clear

Acrylic Primer & Sizing

Dynamite® 221 Acrylic Primer & Sizing is a water-based wallcovering primer and sizing formulated to provide trouble-free wallcovering installations over difficult-to-bond surfaces such as existing vinyl wallcovering, glossy paint, foil, Mylar®, ceramic tile and glass. On porous surfaces such as drywall and plaster, Dynamite® 221 Acrylic Primer & Sizing reduces the degree of porosity, allowing the adhesive to bond uniformly to the wall surface. Dynamite® 221 also provides a greater level of slip when matching patterns and butting seams.

Product Code Unit Size
7221-3-30 5 gal 48 lbs 1 ea
7221-3-20 1 gal 8.9 lbs 4 /case
7221-3-16 1 qt 2.48 lbs 6 /case

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