Dynamite® Defender 235 White

White Acrylic Primer & Sizing

Dynamite® Defender™ 235 White Acrylic Primer & Sizing is our finest water-based wallcovering primer and sizing, specially enhanced to resist mildew.* Combined with Dynamite® Defender™ 234mx adhesive, it gives a mildew-resistant* system that takes the worry out of wallcovering. Dynamite® Defender™ 235 is designed to prepare wall surfaces prior to hanging any type of wallcovering, including pre-pasted.

With excellent hiding power, it easily hides stains and covers existing paint, wallcovering patterns, or color variations on walls. Dynamite® Defender™ 235 provides a lasting, protective barrier between wallcoverings and wall surfaces. It protects drywall like an oil-based primer, while locking on to glossy surfaces like an acrylic.

*This paint contains a preservative which inhibits the growth of mold or mildew on the surface of the paint film.

Product Code Unit Size
7235-3-30 5 gal 48 lbs 1 ea

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Dynamite® Defender 235 White
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