Leak Stopper® Rubber Flexx Liquid Rubber Coating (Clear)

Liquid Rubber Coating - Clear

Rubber Flexx Liquid Rubber Coating is a tough synthetic rubber coating that is designed to seal and waterproof roofs, walls, gutters, interior and exterior foundations, boats, tents, machinery and buildings. Creates a water, moisture and air barrier on whatever surface it is applied to. This extra tough finish will not peel or crack, and bonds to metal, masonry, wood, painted surfaces and most building products. This clear finish is great to use in areas where you want the repair to blend into the areas around it. There are so many uses for this coating to form a seamless layer of waterproofing protection that will stretch and deliver lasting protection to virtually any surface you can imagine.

NOTE: Product is not paintable.

Available in White, Gray or Clear

Product Code: 5578-0-02

Product Code Unit Size
5578-0-02 1 qt 2.09 lbs 6 ea

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