Black Jack® Tuff-Seal Roof & Flashing Cement

Premium Roof Cement

Black Jack® Tuff-Seal Roof and Flashing Repair is a premium asphalt based sealing compound designed to repair cracks, seams and holes in roofing materials. It also is designed to be used in new construction and in setting flashings, drip edges and other roofing edges. It provides a tight seal and gives a layer of waterproofing protection. Also can be used below grade. Dries black.

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Product Code Unit Size
6147-9-30 5 gal 47 lbs 1 ea
6147-9-34 1 gal 9 lbs 6 /case
6147-9-62 10 fl oz 10 oz 12 /carton

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Black Jack® Tuff-Seal Roof & Flashing Cement
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