Dynamite® 234 Premium Heavy Duty Clear Adhesive

Strippable Wallcovering Adhesive

Dynamite® 234 Premium Grade Heavy Duty Clear Wallcovering Adhesive is recommended for hanging lightweight to heavyweight vinyl and foil wallcoverings. Count on Dynamite® 234 for hanging delicate and difficult wallcoverings too, such as silks, suedes, velours, linens, burlap, grasscloth and strings. With superior wet tack and slip, Dynamite® 234 facilitates proper positioning of wallcoverings. Long open time provides for easier installation when booking or double cutting. Dynamite® 234 is ideal for pasting machines and can be stirred to desired consistency. Dynamite® 234 is strippable.

Product Code Unit Size
7234-3-30 5 gal 50 lbs 1 ea
7234-3-20 1 gal 10 lbs 4 /case

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Dynamite® 234 Premium Heavy Duty Clear Adhesive
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