Black Jack® Permanent Patch 100

Trowel Grade Elastomeric Textured Patch & Caulking Compound

Black Jack® Permanent Patch® 100 is a heavy-bodied elastomeric patch that provides a textured finish. Use for interior/exterior repairs on stucco, wood, concrete, drywall, brick and other surfaces. Black Jack® Permanent Patch® 100 is a ready-mixed, trowel on, acrylic latex patching and caulking compound for repairing and coating exterior surfaces such as stucco, concrete, and block walls. It is also ideal for general patching, cementing, filling, sealing, and weatherproofing. Adheres to wood, metal, glass, plastic, or any combination of these. It is a one-part, nonstaining, tintable plastic-type compound that forms a textured finish, drying rapidly to a flexible state that retains elasticity over a wide range of temperatures.

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Product Code Unit Size
8810-3-20 1 gal 9.75 lbs 4 /crtn
8810-3-16 1 qt 2.3 lbs 6 /case

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Black Jack® Permanent Patch 100
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